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Web Design for Beginners (Epic Free Course!)

If you’re new to web design, this free course on web design for beginners will teach you everything you need to know. “How do I pick typefaces, how do I pick colors, what the heck is whitespace, and how do I position and size elements correctly?” These are exactly the kinds of ...

Free Figma UI Kit: NFT Marketplace App

As part of a new series of resources on Tuts+ we’re giving away free UI Kits. This is our third free Figma UI Kit: an NFT Marketplace where buyers and sellers meet, trade chimps (or whatever else is hot right now), and connect with one another. Download it right now, use whichever UI components ...

10+ Best HTML Templates for NFT Websites 2022

Everything related to cryptocurrency and NFTs are extremely popular right now, which has motivated a lot of people to jump into the industry quickly. Because of this, the desire to make a website for promoting or selling NFTs is strong. Perhaps you want to make your own NFT marketplace? Or ...

How to Bootstrap a Web Design Business

Starting your own business is a process with a fair share of challenges. Even in the web design world, where you can potentially minimize costs by working from home and collaborating with freelance contractors, many expenses exist.  To run a successful web design business, you need enough ...

7 UX Laws You’Re Probably Getting Wrong

UX laws are an invaluable tool, providing guidelines for designers that ensure we don’t have to continually reinvent the wheel when crafting experiences for the web. However, UX laws tend to be devised by scientists and psychologists — people who are more than comfortable with the exceptions ...

Perfect CTA Placement: Above-The-Fold Vs. Below-The-Fold

As a website designer, your professional life revolves around crucial questions that might help you to deliver better results for your clients. Which widgets are essential to driving conversions? What kind of checkout page elements do you need to include? Should there be a video or slideshow ...

10 Dos and Don’Ts of Web Design in 2022

Navigating the world of web design can be difficult. There is so much conflicting and outdated advice. How many times have you been advised to obey the 3-Click Rule? It states that users must reach the content they want in three clicks. But, according to the Nielsen Norman Group, no research ...

Exciting New Tools for Designers, June 2022

Automation is the theme of this month’s collection of exciting new tools for designers and developers. There are tools to make your images better, tools to create illustrations, and tools to make your workflow more efficient. Plus, a whole host of tools that are just plain fun. Here’s what is ...

Why Zero Experience Designers Need A Chance

Moving from studying design into the big wide world of web design is a daunting process. It’s a competitive and dynamic industry that’s growing all the time. It’s estimated that between 2020 and 2030, web designer jobs in the US will increase by 13%. One of the most challenging aspects of ...

Quiz: The Infuriating IE Quiz

This week, Microsoft officially ended support for Internet Explorer. Victorious in the first browser war with then-rival Netscape Navigator, IE was only finally surpassed by Google’s Chrome. Whereas once huge numbers of sites would warn users to switch to IE, by the end Microsoft’s biggest app ...

Accessibility Basics: Designing for Visual Impairment

With 4.5% of the global population experiencing color blindness, 4% suffering from low vision, and another 0.6% being blind, visual difficulties with using the web are more prevalent than you might appreciate. This guide will look at how designing for people with visual impairments can improve ...

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