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3 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Tools

An unreliable, semi-broken and unresponsive website is an excellent way to lose leads and visitors — regardless of how aesthetically pleasing or well-designed, the visual elements are. Over the past decade, we’ve seen more initiative to deliver faster internet to regions of the world that were ...

20+ Best Dashboard UI Kits for Figma 2022

Whether you’re a professional designer or simply like to dabble, Figma is a fantastic platform for creating websites and apps for a wide variety of purposes. Where this tool really shines is in creating dashboards and user-interfaces for said websites and apps. With that in mind, we’ve taken ...

How to Create a Split-Screen Slider With JavaScript

In today’s video tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a “split-screen” slider element (or UI, whatever you prefer to call it) using JavaScript. Inspiration for this came from a page on the Corsair website; let’s see how we can build one for our own projects. What We’re Going to Build ...

6 Best WooCommerce Coupon Plugins (Free & Premium)

Offering discounts on your online store's products is a great business strategy for increasing sales and profits! Create coupons like this using the best-selling WooCommerce coupon plugin from CodeCanyon. With the help of some of the top WooCommerce coupon plugins on Envato ...

10 Best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress

Do you want customers to leave testimonials on your website? If you offer services through your website, it's a good idea to include a system where customers can leave their testimonials.  Customer testimonials convince potential customers who may be on the fence to take the next step and use ...

Best Shopping Cart Plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce

Are you looking for a shopping cart plugin for your website? You need cart and checkout functionality for your website in order to sell products and receive payments. A well-designed shopping cart improves the customers' buying experience, reduces abandoned carts, and will contribute immensely ...

How to Implement Pagination with Vanilla JavaScript

Pagination is used to break up a block of content into navigable pages on a webpage. Aside from making it easier to see information, it also helps when loading data from a server. Using pagination, you can decide to only load a fixed number of items each time when the user decides to see them. ...

15+ Best Figma Templates for UI and Web Designers

When creating a website or app, it’s essential to have a bunch of resources on hand to play with. That is, you don’t want to recycle the same old designs over and over again. Nor do you want to create the same designs everyone else is making – because they’re all working with the same ...

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