HTML Element: details | Envato Tuts+

The  HTML <details> element represents a “disclosure widget” from which the user can obtain additional information or controls. It allows you to create collapsible sections of content on a webpage, providing an interactive way to hide or reveal content as needed. Syntax The basic syntax ...

7 Best Practices to Improve Emoji Accessibility on the Web

Emojis are frequently called the universal language, or lingua franca, of the 21st century. They help break down barriers between people from different cultures and languages (and they’re good fun). However, accessibility experts point out some important issues related to emoji accessibility, ...

Google’s November Core Update | Brafton

On November 2, Google announced its next Core Update to the search algorithm, marking the second significant update in the last two months. This sort of frequency between updates is uncommon, but Google also has different core systems in its ranking process. As Google’s developers ...

How To Choose Your Brand Colors

The golden arches. The red-and-white bullseye.  These ultra-iconic logos wouldn’t be quite the same without a splash of color. And neither would yours. But the endless spectrum of options can be pretty overwhelming when it comes time to build your brand color palette.  And ...

Understanding Typographic Hierarchy | Envato Tuts+

What is hierarchy in typography, and how does it work? In this article, we'll explain type hierarchy and look at some examples. How Does Visual Hierarchy Relate to Typography? Visual hierarchy is a system of arrangement that guides the viewer's eye through your composition. It's often a system ...

7 Marketing Must-Reads for the Holiday Season

The holidays are in full swing. Marketers around the world are drafting New Year’s resolutions for bringing success to their brands and leveling up their own skill sets.  For some teams, December ends in a flurry of activity (amid actual snow flurries). Other teams enjoy a ...

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