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Web Forgers IT security solutions provides in depth vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, using automation tools and also manual testing which reduces false positive report.

Our goal is to detect and prevent attacks to your company or business data.

threat of cyber attack is growing stronger every day, hours and days often needed to understand the basic of attacks. Cyber Security being the biggest challenge for every country. Data, be it personal or of the organizations are highly vulnerable due to ever changing threat landscape.

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Hacking anything to secure everything

We are providing vapt services on networks, cloud, web based applications, Android and iOS applications around the globe and helping enterprise to secure their critical infrastructure from being compromised.

Our team of technical experts aims and helping out enterprises to allocate right budget for cyber security. They provide security measures as per the penetration testers.


Find and stop advanced attacks for your business.

Black Box Testing

Black box testing where we won't be allowed to understand the entire infrastructure or knowledge of that, we will definitely be trying like in black hat hacker

White Box Testing

In white box, the internal employees, or if it's web based application, they'll give us the entire scope on which we will be doing the penetration testing.


Penetration Testing

Finding and exploiting Vulnerability and Bugs in Companies Digital Infrastructure which attackers can take advantage of.


cloud security

Protecting and securing companies data stored on cloud computing platform by using firewall, Pen testing, Obfuscation, VPN, etc.


malware protection

Use of Best Antimalware Softwares and if Infection is already happened finding and removing Malware manually or using tools.

Web Forgers Cyber Security

In Webforgers Cyber Security Service we are strive make your business more secure and protected from peoples with malicious intent. 


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What we protect

In Webforgers Cyber Security Service we will provide your company or online business a total security from malicious activities and hackers.

Our Security Service primarily for web application, network, and data but it can be extended to  servers, electronic systems, mobile devices.