Boost Your Agency’s Income with the Most Rewarding Partner Programs (Check this List Out!)


Boost your agency’s offerings and revenue with mutually beneficial partnerships with service providers. Explore the most rewarding agency partner programs available in 2023 and discover what makes them stand out.

Agency partnership programs are collaborative arrangements where digital marketing agencies team up with service providers to offer their tools or services, often with added benefits like commissions or exclusive access. These programs are a win-win, boosting both the service provider’s reach and the agency’s offering.

Let’s explore some of the most rewarding partner programs available this year and delve into what makes them stand out.

GetResponse MAX: Comprehensive Marketing Automation

Source: GetResponse MAX

GetResponse is a robust marketing automation platform that encompasses AI-powered email marketing, a landing page builder, webinars, and CRM. Its agency partner program called GetResponse MAX is designed to be flexible and meet both SMBs and larger enterprises’ needs. This powerful online marketing partner provides personalized solutions for agencies, a dedicated onboarding team, and software integrations.

Agencies benefit from competitive commission structures and a scalable solution that grows with their clients’ needs. GetResponse is preferred for its comprehensive toolset that allows agencies to provide a full marketing funnel solution from lead acquisition to ROI tracking, under one roof.

  • The industries GetResponse MAX focuses on: According to GetResponse MAX’s website, it is ideal for eCommerce, travel and tourism, fitness and wellness, eLearning, online businesses, and marketing agencies that specialize in email marketing and automation.
  • Why should agencies join?: Agencies join GetResponse’s agency partner program for the robust AI-powered email marketing and automation features that enable them to scale marketing campaigns without increasing workload. The platform’s versatility across different industries and the comprehensive analytics appeal to agencies focused on measurable results.

HubSpot: Customer-centric Marketing Platform

Source: HubSpot

HubSpot offers a vast array of marketing, sales, and customer service tools. The Solutions Partner Program is designed for customer-centric agencies, service providers, and other sellers who want to learn, grow their business, and use the best technology. 

The marketing partnership program connects businesses that provide marketing, sales, web design, and CRM implementation services to help them expand their offerings, attract new clients, and improve customer retention. HubSpot experts provide ongoing support to partners, ensuring their growth alongside their clients.

Bonus💡: HubSpot offers two different partnership packages: Solutions Provider Package and Solutions Partner Package starting at $25/month when billed annually.

  • The industries HubSpot focuses on: Marketing agencies specializing in inbound marketing, content creation, and lead generation across various sectors.
  • Why should agencies join?: HubSpot is a leader in inbound marketing, and agencies join the program to utilize their comprehensive suite of tools. Agencies prefer HubSpot’s partner program for its all-in-one capabilities and the credibility associated with the brand. The partnership is attractive for its extensive support network, ongoing education, and potential for high returns on service offerings.

Keap: Agency CRM with Sales and Automation

Source: Keap

Keap’s CRM platform is tailored for small to medium-sized businesses and focuses on client management and marketing automation. Keap CRM’s agency partner program empowers marketing agencies, web design firms, and consultants to help small businesses grow and succeed. By partnering with Keap, agencies can earn recurring commissions of up to 30% on Keap CRM software sales, access exclusive resources and training, and build a network of connections with other Keap partners.

Additionally, Keap provides a free trial of their software, a dedicated partner success team, and opportunities to earn additional rewards. If you are looking to expand your agency and make a positive impact on small businesses, Keap CRM’s agency partner program is an excellent option to consider.

  • The industries Keap focuses on: Small business consultants, marketing agencies, and service providers that cater to SMEs.
  • Why should agencies join?: The agency partner program’s generous commission structure and ongoing support provide agencies with the resources they need to grow their own businesses and achieve long-term success. Joining Keap CRM’s agency partner program is a strategic decision that can not only expand agencies’ clients but also solidify their position as a leading provider of business solutions for small businesses.

WP Engine: Premium WordPress Hosting and Security

Source: WP Engine

WP Engine’s hosting service is specifically tailored for WordPress sites and offers unparalleled speed, security, and scalability. Agencies that join their partner program can get WP Engine’s enterprise-grade hosting solutions for their clients and ensure their websites are secure and performant.

The agency partnership programme offers agencies a variety of benefits to agencies of all sizes, including priority support, lead generation, co-marketing opportunities, special pricing and incentives, and access to training and certification programs. The features include priority access to technical support, referrals to brands, industry-leading commissions, special discount pricing, listing in the Agency Directory, a dedicated partner success manager and much more. Agencies prefer WP Engine for its strong focus on WordPress, providing a specialized service that complements their web development offerings.

Bonus💡: ​​Recurring commissions for 12 months start at 8% per plan once you become of their digital marketing partner. 

  • The industries WP Engine focuses on: eCommerce, SaaS, B2Bs, agencies, education, healthcare, media and entertainment, nonprofits, travel and hospitality, and WordPress development.
  • Why should agencies join?: WP Engine’s marketing partner program offers agencies revenue share opportunities, co-marketing initiatives, and premium support. In addition, WP Engine’s platform is scalable, secure, performant, and user-friendly, with a wide range of features that can help agencies save time and money while providing their clients with the best possible WordPress experience.

Justuno: AI-Powered eCommerce Optimization

Source: Justuno

Justuno uses AI to deliver predictive insights and personalization options to optimize eCommerce conversion rates. The marketing partnership program enables agencies to integrate Justuno’s suite of conversion tools to enhance their eCommerce service offerings. With a focus on increasing clients’ ROI through customized promotions and campaigns, agencies are drawn to Justuno for its advanced technology and data-driven results.

Bonus💡: Become a Justuno digital marketing partner and earn up to 25%* for every new customer you refer to Justuno.

  • The industries Justuno focuses on: eCommerce, retail, and digital marketing agencies specializing in conversion rate optimization.
  • Why should agencies join?: Agencies increase their earnings by becoming Justuno’s digital marketing partner. They can sell managed services, present add-ons to current packages, or refer clients and earn a commission. As a result, they generate fresh leads through Justuno’s service partner directory, access co-marketing opportunities for lead generation, and establish an additional revenue stream that seamlessly aligns with their agency’s service offerings.

ActiveCampaign: Advanced CRM and Marketing Automation

Source: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign combines email marketing with a robust CRM to automate personalized customer experiences. The partner program’s commission structure is an incentive for agencies to focus on building lasting relationships with their clients. Agencies prefer ActiveCampaign for its powerful automation features that enable them to deliver sophisticated, targeted marketing strategies to their clients.

  • The industries ActiveCampaign focuses on: Technology, blogger & influencer, education, small business, entertainment & events, eCommerce, travel & hospitality, non-profit, healthcare, real estate, fitness & nutrition, and enterprise.
  • Why should agencies join?: ActiveCampaign’s agency partner program will assist agencies with onboarding and help gain access to agency-focused webinars, and an assigned specialist will work with you. Additionally, it provides early access to new features that will help agencies create presentations for the clients.

Aritic: Full-Stack Marketing and Productivity

Source: Aritic

Aritic is a business ecosystem software that aims to enhance customer experience. They offer an agency partnership program called PinPoint, which provides benefits such as increased visibility for your agency and its clients, exclusive agency perks, and the potential to generate ROI.

As an Aritic PinPoint agency partner, you can keep 60% of the revenue you earn from reselling Aritic solutions. You have the freedom to set your own pricing for these solutions. Additionally, you will receive dedicated support from an assigned account manager, as well as access to training videos and electronic contract and signature capabilities.

However, there is one potential drawback to consider Aritic does not disclose their payment periods, so it is unclear how often you will receive your commission.

  • The industries Aritic focuses on: All sectors, particularly B2B services, tech, and creative agencies.
  • Why should agencies join?: By partnering with Aritic, agencies gain access to a powerful marketing automation platform that can be resold to their clients. Additionally, partners receive dedicated support, training, and exclusive benefits that can help them grow their businesses.

AdRoll: Diverse Multichannel Marketing Platform

Source: AdRoll

AdRoll provides a multichannel marketing platform that allows agencies to manage advertising campaigns across different channels. Its partner program includes features like cross-channel attribution and re-engagement ads, which are vital for agencies looking to improve clients’ ad spend efficiency.

The agency partnerships program’s comprehensive support system empowers agencies to become experts in digital advertising and platform features through its AdRoll Certification program. Dedicated agency support and ad campaign management tools ensure a smooth onboarding process and rapid implementation. A centralized dashboard enables seamless ad management, optimization of ad spend, and the generation of insightful reports for clients, fostering effective communication and data-driven decision-making.

  • The industries AdRoll focuses on: Retail, eCommerce, and B2C sectors that require a strong online advertising presence.
  • Why should agencies join?: AdRoll’s ability to reach customers across various channels and its attribution features make it valuable for agencies. The program also offers agencies tools to prove ROI to their clients, which is crucial for retention and upselling.

Birdeye: Unified Customer Experience Platform

Source: Birdeye

Birdeye’s platform helps agencies manage and improve their clients’ customer experience. The partner program offers tools for reputation management, customer surveys, and more, all aimed at enhancing customer engagement and feedback. Agencies choose Birdeye for its comprehensive view of the customer journey and its potential to influence positive reviews and customer loyalty.

  • The industries Birdeye focuses on: Hospitality, healthcare, real estate, and any client-focused business that values reputation management.
  • Why should agencies join?: Agencies are drawn to Birdeye for its comprehensive customer experience platform. The program offers tools that directly impact an agency’s ability to manage and improve its clients’ online reputation, a key service offering for many agencies.

Klaviyo: Targeted Email and SMS Marketing

Source: Klaviyo

Klaviyo’s email and SMS marketing platform is designed for highly targeted communication strategies. Agencies that partner with Klaviyo can take advantage of its segmentation and automation capabilities to deliver personalized messages. The platform is particularly preferred for its advanced analytics and reporting features, which enable agencies to track and optimize campaign performance.

  • The industries Klaviyo focuses on: eCommerce, retail, and businesses looking to enhance direct-to-consumer communication.
  • Why should agencies join?: Agencies join Klaviyo’s agency partner program to gain access to the platform, training, and support. Additionally, they benefit from co-marketing and referral opportunities, networking and community, and discounts and incentives. These benefits empower agencies to create and send targeted email campaigns, track results, segment customer lists, automate workflows, and grow their businesses in the competitive email marketing landscape.

Drip: Super-personalized Automated Marketing

Drip’s hyper-customized and automated email marketing capability allows eCommerce businesses (including agencies) to create personalized shopping experiences through data-driven marketing automation. The partner program offers not only a commission structure but also includes comprehensive training and support. Agencies are attracted to Drip for its focus on customer lifecycle and retention strategies, which are crucial for eCommerce success.

Source: Drip

Bonus💡: Drip’s agency partner program offers three tiers of benefits based on monthly recurring revenue (MRR). The Silver tier provides a 15% commission, a demo account, access to Drip support, and a partner badge. The Gold tier increases the commission to 20%, adds a featured link on Drip’s website, and provides roadmap insights. The Platinum tier offers the highest commission of 25% and includes all the benefits of the Gold tier.

  • The industries Drip focuses on: eCommerce platforms, online retailers, and agencies looking to boost client customer retention.
  • Why should agencies join?: Drip’s focus on leveraging customer data for personalized eCommerce experiences aligns well with agencies that are invested in client success through tailored marketing strategies. The CRM tools provided are also a draw for agencies looking to integrate deeper customer insights into their services.

Take Aways

Agency partner programs stand as pillars of agency growth and diversification. Agencies that team up with these powerful programs benefit from expanded service offerings, increased revenue streams, and the ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions to their clients. 

From robust, all-in-one platforms like GetResponse and HubSpot to specialized services such as WP Engine’s WordPress hosting and Justuno’s AI-driven eCommerce optimization, there is a partnership program to suit every agency’s needs. 

As we look ahead, it is clear that these programs will continue to shape the future of agency business models and as a result, they drive success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Agencies looking to stay competitive and grow in 2023 and beyond would be well-advised to consider the opportunities these partnerships can bring.

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