Josh Collingsworth is clearly an enormous fan of Svelte, so whereas it is a enjoyable and helpful comparability article, it’s right here to crown Svelte the winner throughout.

Just a few issues I discover compelling:

One of many issues I like most about Svelte is its HTML-first philosophy. With few exceptions, Svelte code is completely browser-readable HTML and JavaScript. In reality, technically, you possibly can name Svelte code as a small superset of HTML.


Svelte is reactive by default. This implies when a variable is reassigned, each place it’s used or referenced additionally updates robotically. (React and Vue each require you to explicitly initialize reactive variables.)

I do discover the part format good to take a look at, like the way you simply write HTML. You don’t even want a <template> round it, or to return something. I think about Astro took inspiration from this in how one can additionally simply chuck a <fashion> tag in there and scope types if you need. However I feel I want how the “fenced” JavaScript on the high solely runs throughout the construct by default.

P.S. I actually like Josh’s header/footer random sq. motif so I attempted to reverse engineer it:

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