David Winterbach: Developing Connections | Brafton

David Winterbach: Developing Connections | Brafton
Nobody does better job than Senior Front End Developer David Winterbach when it comes to developing websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.
You may be thinking to yourself, “What on earth is front end developer?” and that’s perfectly reasonable question. 
If you spend any amount of time online, there is good chance that you have encountered the work of front end developer. 
These amazing computer programmers are the ones that make it possible for regular people like you and me to use websites. 
Think about items like menus, drop-down bars, and other essential components of user interfaces. 
David is also responsible for the incorporation of the software, graphics, music, and video clips that are necessary to make websites interesting for site visitors. This is vital task.
Without shadow of doubt, David is an expert in this field, directing the design and development of websites from user-centric point of view.
Because he has such an extensive background in the field, all of us here at Brafton feel ourselves quite fortunate to have him working for us. 
These days, he is member of the technical team, where he helps build outstanding landing pages and other online features for Brafton as well as for our customers. 
Take, for instance: 
Do you like the way that this page appears? 
There is good chance that David was involved in making this page, along with number of other pages on our website, simple to browse and understand.
But what keeps David going, both inside and outside of the office?
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From Independent Entrepreneur to Agency Superstar

The issue with web development is that it involves both enormous imagination and exact analytical thinking, two qualities that are not always simple to locate in single individual. Finding someone with both of these skills may be challenging. 
David, fortunately for us, is good match for the role. 
As seen by the fact that he launched his own software development company, he has always been someone who takes initiative on his own behalf.
In spite of the tremendous nature of that accomplishment, he maintained his autonomy from that location for almost seven years. 
During the period of David’s career in which he worked independently, he was able to obtain great deal of expertise in number of fields thanks to the wide range of customers for whom he was able to do work.
Brafton features Life%40David Winterbach feature

David claims that the time when he “was part of a team that designed a system that took a 40-year-old corporation and eradicated the need for paper, from the sales to production [departments]” was one of the finest moments of his life.

His customer had been using a technology for communication that relied mostly on paper up until recently. David, along with the rest of his business team, was successful in persuading the client to switch to a working environment that did not include any paper at all.

But how did he move from doing something as remarkable as that to dealing with customers like you here at Brafton? The answer is probably less complicated than you might anticipate being the case. It just so happened that he became a member of the team via the use of a website.

David’s curiosity in Brafton was piqued when he saw a job ad for the company pop up on his computer screen. It was love at first sight for both of them! According to him, “It’s a terrific firm that puts its employees first, and doing so produces a feeling of loyalty that is unique in itself.” [Citation needed]

Now, he collaborates with an in-house team to develop websites that are both practical and easy to navigate.

The Transition from the Indoors to the Great Outdoors

David’s activities are not limited to working on the World Wide Web, so don’t get the wrong idea about what he does. David’s favorite thing to do when he’s not concocting enchanted websites for the world wide web is to get away from it all, get outside, and do some adventuring. He gets away from the harsh glare of his programming screen by engaging in activities such as rock climbing, fishing, and surfing, to name just a few. David lives in South Africa, which provides him with an abundance of opportunity to immerse himself in a little bit or a lot of nature. This is a fortunate circumstance for David.

David is a huge enthusiast for radio-controlled vehicles, which is another intriguing fact about him that one may not anticipate at first glance. It’s a pastime that takes him out of his South African workplace and into the world of excitement. This venture, much like his previous work with Brafton, is imaginative and requires a lot of thinking. To David, it’s not just about making websites; rather, it’s about cultivating relationships with other people.

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