Digital Marketing
5 Trends Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing

Here’s a little-known secret about the Brafton content marketing and strategy teams: We can see the future. That’s because our company car is a customized Delorean and we have regular training sessions on navigating the space-time continuum. Obviously, that’s not entirely true. ...

The Top 5 Freelance Instructional Designer Skills

An instructional designer is someone who crafts eLearning to help organizations train employees and improve business performance. This profession is becoming increasingly popular and transcends industries. Being an ID, you don’t necessarily need to be employed by a particular company, ...

Why You Shouldn’t Just Rely on SEO Traffic

When it comes to your business, brand, or products, how popular do you want to be? Obviously, the answer to that is most likely very. In fact, you might already be highly popular on the internet with a great flow of traffic coming to your website. But have you ever reviewed your ...

How to Create a Winning TikTok Ad

TikTok is a completely different kind of video platform, and so if (as a digital marketing agency) you want to make ads that connect with people, you’re going to need some different strategies. In this article, The Good Marketer is going to cover everything you need to know about ...

What Does the Future Hold for Digital Marketing?

The future of digital marketing is ripe with alternative browsers and new social media platforms. Importantly though, for many clients at least, the future of advertising looks bright and signals a new opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in their chosen sector, whilst ...

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