Digital Marketing
What is Big Data in Digital Marketing?

Relying on predictions and ‘gut feeling’ to take business decisions is now a thing of the past. With AI in place, businesses are moving towards more of a data-driven approach. This is where big data in digital marketing comes into the picture.  Undoubtedly, we agree with the fact ...

A Detailed Guide on CRM for Financial Services

Financial services now recognize that customer-first attitudes and a strong digital presence are crucial to providing better customer service, allowing customers to communicate across several channels cohesively.  Customer interactions and satisfaction are very important for banks ...

Organic SEO: Myth or Massive Opportunity?

SEO myths keep evolving, leaving marketers wondering if it’s worth investing in organic growth. It also doesn’t help that novice marketers find it difficult to gauge the effectiveness of an SEO strategy on their search engine ranking.  While there is no denying the effectiveness of ...

Best Time To Post On Social Media: The Data

For social media marketing to succeed, you must gain your audience’s attention and get them to engage. This engagement is something that brands can largely accomplish by serving up high-quality social media content, but that’s not the only factor that influences reader retention. ...

Best Social Media Platforms for Business In 2022

Businesses can develop their brand voice, view competition efforts, and engage with customers through social media. That’s why it’s important to know the best social media platforms for your business. Using the right platform for your target audience can amplify your visibility ...

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