Digital Marketing
An Introduction to OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 AI

If you frequent the internet, you’ve likely seen or heard about artificial intelligence (AI) image generation, text to image AI or DALL-E AI lately. But if you’re still not sure exactly what all the fuss is about, that’s alright! We’re living in extraordinary times in terms of ...

Here’s How You Can Keep Up

In the already fast-paced field of digital marketing, social media marketing is often the most turbulent. Social media changes happen quickly, making it easy to fall behind when managing multiple social networks for your brand. With social users growing to 4.7 billion (with 227 ...

5 Tips to Hire the Right Web Development Agency

These days, there’s an abundance of web development agencies out there, offering services all the way from brief to build. With an ever-increasing demand for digital solutions, it’s no wonder so many businesses are venturing into this field. But with so much choice, how do you know ...

5 Essential Skills for Becoming a Better Marketer

The marketing role is constantly evolving to keep up with the changes caused by technological advancements. The qualities you needed in a marketer a few years ago differ from the skills required today. It is crucial to keep up with the changes and master the necessary channels to ...

David Winterbach: Developing Connections | Brafton

When it comes to creating a gorgeous and user-friendly website, there is none better than Senior Front End Developer David Winterbach.  You may be wondering to yourself, “What in the world is a front end developer?” Chances are if you browse the internet at all, you’re familiar ...

Best PPC and SEM Reporting Tools for Agencies

If you are looking for the best PPC and SEM reporting tools to provide comprehensive PPC reports that show how your SEM strategy is going on, you are at the right place! Solid, reliable and comprehensive PPC reports for clients are an essential part of digital advertising agencies ...

5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing ROI

Content marketing is critical to driving traffic to your website, guiding customers through the sales funnel, boosting sales, and establishing you as an authority in your field. However, without an effective content strategy, you could invest more funds into your campaign while ...

5 Things to Know Before Investing in a Business

People tend to work out problems with two different strategies. Either they work through some evidence and make a point of it, or a solution pops into their mind along with a feeling that the answer is right and they choose to believe their gut.  The first problem-solving way is ...

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