Digital Marketing
The Impact of Generative AI

Content creation is king. Whether it’s blog posts, marketing campaigns, or social media updates, businesses and individuals are in a constant race to produce fresh and engaging content. This is where the incredible capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) come into play.AI, ...

Why Short Videos Are Effective?

Currently, video content is one of the most popular content formats on the Internet. According to research, short videos are becoming more popular and effective for attracting the attention of the audience.Short videos lasting from 15 to 90 seconds have a number of advantages over ...

How Much Should You Charge?

For any business owner, the primary concern is to make sure that their business makes money. Just like every other industry, competition is fierce in the world of digital marketing.That only means you’ll need to have competitive prices so that customers are attracted to your ...

Industries to Focus On in 2024

Choosing a niche is a critical step to take for digital agencies as there can’t be enduring growth rates without devotion to a specific industry. To ensure you’re taking firm steps forward you need to identify your marketing agency niche.In 2024, clients will be looking for ...

The 2023 Agency Valuations Report

During 2022, Productive developed a questionnaire with one goal in mind – to better understand agency mergers and acquisition trends. Whether you’re trying to sell your agency or are just curious about the value you’ve created, understanding factors that impact your agency’s value is ...

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