Digital Marketing
Google’s November Core Update | Brafton

On November 2, Google announced its next Core Update to the search algorithm, marking the second significant update in the last two months. This sort of frequency between updates is uncommon, but Google also has different core systems in its ranking process. As Google’s developers ...

How To Choose Your Brand Colors

The golden arches. The red-and-white bullseye. These ultra-iconic logos wouldn’t be quite the same without a splash of color. And neither would yours. But the endless spectrum of options can be pretty overwhelming when it comes time to build your brand color palette. And ...

7 Marketing Must-Reads for the Holiday Season

The holidays are in full swing. Marketers around the world are drafting New Year’s resolutions for bringing success to their brands and leveling up their own skill sets. For some teams, December ends in a flurry of activity (amid actual snow flurries). Other teams enjoy a ...

10 Essential App Growth Hacks for 2024

In today’s world, where we can’t imagine life without smartphones, the sheer number of mobile apps out there is pretty mind-blowing. With over 1.7 million apps in the Apple App Store¹, the challenge for app developers and marketers isn’t just creation but differentiation. This has ...

AR & VR and Case Studies Shaping Brand Experiences

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two dynamic technologies that have gathered the attention of marketers in the rapidly changing field of digital marketing, redefining the way brands communicate with their audiences. By enabling a fluid dance between the digital and ...

The Personal Branding Journey of Taylor Swift

The entertainment industry is constantly evolving, and any entertainer’s public image can significantly affect their career hence making it a crucial tool in their success. Personal branding is truly powerful; it goes beyond just talent and fame, as it involves carefully crafting a ...

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