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20 Best New Websites, June 2022

This month’s collection of the best new sites is a mixed bag. Positivity remains from last month’s edition, and what we’re seeing is designers being far more ambitious for the experiences they create. We have a couple of sites helping to alleviate the damage of war, some unusual approaches to ...

18+ Free and Premium Creative WordPress Themes for Artists

Painter, sculptor, photographer, illustrator, ceramic or tattoo artist—whatever your passion, there’s no time like the present to get your art out there! Whether you’ve had an art studio and/or shop for years or you’re just starting out, creating a website to showcase your work and sell your ...

Best Time To Post On Social Media: The Data

For social media marketing to succeed, you must gain your audience’s attention and get them to engage. This engagement is something that brands can largely accomplish by serving up high-quality social media content, but that’s not the only factor that influences reader retention. ...

Best Social Media Platforms for Business In 2022

Businesses can develop their brand voice, view competition efforts, and engage with customers through social media. That’s why it’s important to know the best social media platforms for your business. Using the right platform for your target audience can amplify your visibility ...

15 Top Soft UI and Neumorphic UI Kits

Designers are always in search of unique ways to display content. Yet there is a delicate balance between something that looks good and is both accessible and intuitive. Everything needs to be in harmony, otherwise the end result suffers. Neumorphic UIs can serve as an effective solution. ...

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